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Spring is a time of freshness, of new life and growth. It should also be a time where we examine what has been planted in the soil of our hearts.

Hosea 10:12 talks about breaking up the fallow or unplowed ground in our hearts so that we may reap a harvest of righteousness. So what about you? Are you reaping what you want to? Sure we can do the same thing as we did last season, surely we will get the same results. However we have not come from the same season of old where we can get away with what was. It’s not enough anymore to simply ask Him to do it for us. That's not the commission He gave.

The Lord wants to plant hope in this season, the question isn’t if He will plant or not? But will we allow Him to plant in us? That hope comes at a cost, examining the things we’ve placed hope in other than Him.

I don’t need to tell you the parable of the sower for you to know it’s our ground that affects the seed. It’s hard to plant where there is something else is already growing. We must be willing to plow the ground and prepare our hearts for our coming King that He may establish a Kingdom of Hope in our hearts. So let’s be a people of hope in the coming seasons by submitting to what He is doing now.

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