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September marks the start of back to school, schedules start getting busier again and we can easily find ourselves becoming distracted and overwhelmed. When life gets busy it can be difficult to spend time with God.

The bustle of life can move our eyes move from God first, and instead focus our gaze on the next thing that needs to be done. The devil loves this distance that grows, he knows if we aren’t close to God, he can have more influence in our lives.

But there is good news!

We have this amazing thing called grace. Grace bridges the gap between us and God, though that doesn’t mean we still don’t have a part to play, because we absolutely do. And that part is to make time, no matter how little. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about how much time we’re spending with God, the devil will use that to discourage us. Instead, use that time to spend a few minuets with God. While we’re stuck in traffic, waiting for someone, or doing chores. It means we intentionally engage with God no matter how small.

Taking the initiative and stepping out no matter how insignificant it seems, allows grace to move freely in our lives and helps us build a closer relationship with God. The more you do it the easier it becomes and the more you grow. Sounds simple, right? Good, God loves simple, we’re the ones who tend to over complicate things.

In this next season let’s challenge ourselves. When life gets hectic, let’s do what we can to continue to grow. God blesses our faith not our overachieving. It doesn’t have to be anything major, start small and see where it takes you, I think we’ll all be surprised how effective it is when it comes to our lives. Have a happy September Southside, and embrace the challenges the new season brings.

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