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Find Him at the Cross

With Easter approaching, I decided to purchase a greeting card to send to my sister in Ontario. I sifted through a sampling of 100 cards (believe me, I counted), with only five of them even faintly depicting something I could identify as being about Easter. Perhaps it is a by-product of the cancel culture we live in that is offended by the power of the Gospel. Whatever the reasoning, Easter in our western society is focused mainly on spring rather than on Christianity; eggs, chicks and flowers all depict the renewing of life after winter.

This made my heart sad. I wondered when we lost the focus of our faith in the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus. To quote a book I am reading, The glory of the cross is an explosive, eternal, energy-creating, continually unfolding revelation of beauty. The cross is the glory of God. In it, we behold Him as He really is. Calvary must not be an aversion or a thing of the past. For as long as we have mortal flesh, as long as we seek His power, we will find Him at the cross.

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