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Focus on the Horizon

I remember as a young teenager being extremely nervous at the thought of learning to drive.  It was 1973 and my Father had purchased a brand-new Chrysler New Yorker which to me looked like the size of the Titanic.  It was huge and I thought it would be virtually impossible to learn to parallel park. Learning to drive ‘the boat’ often made me feel overwhelmed and petrified that I would crash and burn in his precious new car.  My eyes would bounce from side to side; if a car came too close to me, I would slam on the brakes in fear.  Coming to an intersection was life-altering stopping close to half a block away.  Speed up. Slow down. Sudden braking.  It was hardly a picture of the smooth ride as promised by the Chrysler Corporation.

But my Dad gave me advice that has proved to be trustworthy over the years.  Focus on the horizon and not on the hood ornament.  I soon learned that focusing on the hood ornament produces an overreaction to every movement around me. Focusing on the horizon produced a smoother and safer ride as my peripheral vision would adjust and allow my reactions to be in the context of the larger road conditions. 

We have just come out of a season of disrupting consequences to our health, our finances, our relationships.  How do we navigate through?  How do we address the immediate needs?  How do we look beyond the hood ornament?

God is calling us to a higher plain and a higher walk with Him.  He’s calling us to a deeper holiness, boldness, godly character, and integrity.  He’s calling us to walk in His anointing, a deeper realm of glory, and fervency with His Spirit.  He is calling us to keep our eyes on the horizon.

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