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It’s Birthing Time

For much of the Animal Kingdom, springtime is a season of birthing and the excitement of new babies; it also is a time of newness which brings its own unique challenges. So too in the spirit realm, we are entering a new era with unexpected challenges as the ‘new’ is being birthed in our midst. 

There is an assignment of the enemy to bring heaviness, distraction, fog, and anything else he can do to hinder the prayers of the saints to arise. There was a prophetic word given concerning this season: “Now is the time to ferociously and violently intercede, for a great outpouring of answered prayer is about to be released.” 

The enemy is coming against prayer times, prayer ministries, and prayer groups to attempt to bring a hindrance because the time of the birthing of major answers to prayer is upon us. This is the last push for many individuals, families, churches, workplaces, cities, and nations to see major fulfillment of His promises in long-awaited places. 

Although the battle is fierce, God is going to show Himself strong and He is inviting us to join with Him. He is looking for those who will continue to intercede and take Him at His Word; He is looking for those who will remind Him of His Word. 

Push through with worship to break the haze trying to keep you from the place of intercession. Let nothing distract you for we have entered the new era of astounding answers to prayer as we have never seen before. 

This is your new beginning; your deliverance is upon you. So don’t be tempted to lay down your sword. Hold it and fight! Don’t lie down, fight! Push through and intentionally intercede through the distraction and the fog. It’s birthing time.

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