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New Year

New Years…It used to be the popular thing to do – make resolutions at the beginning of the year to do better, be better.  But no matter how hard I tried, my resolutions never seemed to live past January 10.  Those attempts at keeping resolutions were futile because resolutions are rooted in our resolve, our strength to do better.  And our flesh will always stumble and fail us.

We don’t need another New Years’ resolution; we don’t need more resolve.  What we need is more of Jesus.  Not a resolution that I make but a revolution that He makes…in us.  Christ in us revolutionizing our weakness; His transforming power prevailing over all our plans.

What we need in 2022 is a total Jesus revolution down in the depths of our being.  We need Jesus’ strength revolting against all the areas in our lives where we have been weak far too long.

Our weakness stops us from turning resolutions into a reformed life.  But the revolutionary power of Jesus reforms and transforms our lives daily as we learn to seek Him first.  So as we start this New Year, let us seek Him with all our hearts and start a revolution in our lives. 

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