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Rise Up

It is hard to process all the events that have transpired over the past few weeks. We certainly are living in days of great confusion and upheaval. There is a great struggle between Light and darkness. It is critical during this time that we recognize that this is the hour for the Church to arise and shine so that we can become the history makers and world changers that God intended us to be. This is the hour when God will prove His promises to us when we stand on His Word.

An army is being raised of apostles, prophets and evangelists who are positioned in their place to release the manifold presence of Jesus the Christ in the marketplace, in the educational institutions, in families, in the media, and in our governments. This army will go out in the name of Jesus and it will be said of them as it was said of the early disciples, ‘These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.’ (Acts 17:6)

Let that be said of us, for our city, for our province and for our nation. We have been entrusted with a weighty mandate chosen by God and handpicked for such a time as this. God is looking for a people who will be like Joshua's and Caleb's who believed that they could take down the giants in the land in the name and power of God. Caleb did not see the mountain before him as an obstacle merely to be removed but as a place in which he was to occupy. The world is waiting for leaders to stand firm and fight for truth and justice. Let it be said of us that we have turned the world upside down.

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