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Stop To Smell The Fireworks

July has a lot going for it, with big events like Canada Day and stampede happening, it got me thinking about how large events draw people in by giving them something to look forward to and be excited about.

It reminded me a little of how we as Christians tend to look for the big ‘events’ of God in ours lives. I know for me personally, when looking back, it’s easier to see how much God has moved in my life by looking at the big things He’s done for me. It always seems much simpler to see how far we’ve come by keeping track of large events in our lives.

But I feel like sometimes that sets an expectation in us, where we limit God by only allowing Him to be involved in the big things instead of everything. By only looking for the big God movements, we tend to miss the smaller more constant moments. It says in John 10:27, that My Sheep Hear My Voice…(NASB) If we hear His voice that must mean He is already talking to us, right?

The question then becomes are we taking the time to listen, or do we end up waiting for something big enough to happen to bring us close enough to God to hear Him?

We know that intimacy with God comes from spending time with him, and we all want to be able to hear His voice more clearly in our lives. The bible says in Isaiah 30:21 that Your Ears Shall Hear A Word Behind You Saying This Is The Way, Walk In It…(ESV) and in Jeremiah 33:3 Ask Me, and I will tell you things that you don’t know and can’t find out. (CEV).

If God is always talking to us, it’s up to us to be intentional in listening. With people going on holidays for the summer, it seems like the perfect time to slow down for a few moments and intentionally seek out God in the in the smaller, quieter moments. By listening for God in the small everyday moments it will be easier to hear him when the big moments inevitability show up.

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