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Valentines Day

Even after all these years, I still have fond memories of preparing little valentines cards for all my grade one classmates, even for those whom I may not have thought were my friends. We would all exchange our cards, and then our teacher would let us have chocolate hearts and special drinks for snacks. It was a much simpler time when life was less complex.

Today many have strong negative feelings about Valentine’s Day, objecting to its commercialism. They are greatly irritated that people select one day out of the year to show their love when we need to show love all year round. Jesus noted to His disciples when they were asking Him about the last days that it would be a time when the love of many will grow cold (Matt 24:12). We may or may not be in the ‘last days,’ but life certainly has become difficult and exhausting over the last few years. It has left most of us feeling that the joy and wonder of living is being squeezed out, leaving nothing but emptiness and unfulfilled dreams in its wake.

As Christians, our love for others should reflect who God is. God doesn’t just show us love; He is love. Without Him, there is no love. With Him, it is impossible not to love. Let the reality of God’s love become central to our lives so we can be lovers to all whom we will meet. Become a people that can celebrate love and Who love is today and every day of the year.

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