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We Remember

November 11 is Remembrance Day where we pause in the busyness of our lives and honour the lives of men and women who fought for our freedoms and reflect on the price that they paid.  It is sad to me as a ‘baby boomer’ that so many of the freedoms that parents fought for during WWII are eroding before our very eyes.  Oh, the freedoms that we have taken for granted in our nation.

The generations following me do not have the vivid memories of ‘war’ stories shared with them from family members who fought and endured. So as time passes, it is hard to remember events that did not personally happen to you and fade into the recesses of our daily lives vague and irrelevant to the cares of the day.

How easy it is for this same lack of remembrance to encroach on the lives of believers who have become indifferent to the work of Jesus on the Cross and the freedoms that He died and paid for so that we could be free.  It is so important that we become intentional in our relationship with Jesus to maintain a vibrant daily encounter with Him.  We cannot live a vibrant life if all we are feeding our spirits is yesterday’s revelation of Him.  Oh, the freedoms we sometimes take for granted when not daily connected to Him.

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