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Request An Event At SVC

Event Request Form

Request Approved by Leadership – If this request has already been seen and approved by ministry leadership please say yes. If not, note the ministry head will need to approve any event before it is booked.
Not yet
Nature of the Event
Ongoing Course
A One Time Event (on or off site)
Promotion of Other (drives, product, sales, etc.)
Zoom Meetings/Webinars
Start Date of the Event
Public Start Time
Public End Time
Team Set-Up Time
Team Tear-Down Time By
Who is this event open to?
Invitation Only
Congregation Only
Public Event
Private Event
Do you need to book a room?
Do you need furniture set up?
Do you require hospitality and Kitchen services?
Will you provide child care?
Is Registration Required?
Registration Start Date
Registration Close Date
Method of Payment

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