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Join Our Community-Building Volunteer Team at Southside Victory Church


At Southside Victory Church, we are excited to extend an invitation to you to become a valued volunteer in our efforts to strengthen our community of believers and enhance the unique giftings of each individual.


Our church is more than just a place of worship; it is a family of diverse individuals coming together to support, uplift, and inspire one another. We believe that together, we can achieve incredible things and make a lasting impact in the lives of our members and the broader community.


As a volunteer with Southside Victory Church, you will play a crucial role in nurturing this spirit of unity, love, and growth within our congregation. Here's how you can contribute:


1. Community Building: Help us organize events, gatherings, and outreach programs that bring our members closer together. Whether it's a potluck dinner, a charity drive, or a fun day for families, your dedication will strengthen our sense of community.


2. Spiritual Growth: Support fellow believers in their journey of faith by participating in our prayer groups, Bible studies, and mentorship programs. Share your own insights and wisdom to help others grow spiritually.


3. Gifting Enhancement: Every individual possesses unique gifts and talents. As a volunteer, you can help identify and nurture these gifts, whether it's through teaching, leading worship, or coordinating ministries. By doing so, we can empower our members to serve God and our community in the most meaningful ways.


4. Welcoming Atmosphere: Create a warm and inviting environment for newcomers and long-standing members alike. Your friendly demeanour and willingness to help will make everyone feel welcome and cherished.


By joining our volunteer team, you'll not only enrich the lives of those around you but also experience personal growth and fulfillment. We believe that together, we can make a difference and build a stronger, more vibrant community of believers.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Southside Victory Church, please fill our volunteer application below. We would love to meet with you, discuss your interests and passions, and find the perfect way for you to contribute to our wonderful community.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a positive impact, and we look forward to the possibility of having you as an essential part of our Southside Victory Church family.

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Please be aware that, in this context, a member refers to an individual who has completed the Partnership Application. If you haven't participated in our Partnership Class, please contact our office for further information.

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(403) 253-7777
6402 1A St SE, Calgary AB

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